Payday 2 aura beaucoup de DLC


Overkill étant avare en informations sur Payday 2, on prend ce que l'on peut : Le studio vient simplement d'annoncer que le jeu sera bourré de DLC et d'add-ons.

Je cite Overkill :

"OVERKILL can confirm via CrimeNet that DALLAS and the crew managed to negotiate terms for a long streak of DLC and add-ons for the upcoming heist bonanza that is PAYDAY 2 (still in production – keep that mask off).

Wolf and Hoxitron kept the hostages down and endured the 505 SWAT onslaught – DALLAS sealed the deal.

PAYDAY players world wide – WE WIN !

/OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio."

Voilà c'est tout, circulez ....

sources : nofrag , overkill

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