Counter-Strike Source le retour de la bêta!

Les terroristes reviennent encore et ils sont bêta une nouvelle fois!

Oui je sais le jeu de mot est nul. En tout cas depuis hier CS:S Bêta est de nouveau disponible pour tout le monde sans restriction du moment que la personne possède CS:S sur son compte. Une mise à jour a suivi de peu. sur le vsync.

Parmi les nouveautés voici ce dont nous avons droit (en anglais pas eu le temps de traduire)

  • Fixed prediction errors that were causing greater weapon inaccuracy (bullet spread) on client than server.
  • Made the bomb the primary target of a USE command. This fixes a problem with objects placed around the bombsite interrupting defuse attempts.
  • Fixed the ‘skating’ behavior that could occur when a bomb planting attempt was aborted. Also fixes the resulting out of sync hit boxes.
  • Fixed bug in which a player who crouches rapidly and repeatedly was seen as stationery by other players.
  • Fixed problem in which the sound of a reload that was occurring when a player was killed persisted into spectator mode, making it sound like a reload was taking place near the spectated player.
  • Gave chat interface priority over scoreboard to reduce conflict between the two.
  • Increased size of HUD icons.
  • Fixed bug with env_hudhint that caused problems when its value was greater than 255 characters.
  • Added fcvar_archive flag to mat_hdr_level, r_rootlod, r_waterforceexpensive.
  • Made the message of the day screen dismissible by hitting ENTER.
  • Improved the look of the font on the achievement toast.
  • Fix servers not being to set sv_hudhint_sound
  • Added console variable cl_hudhint_sound
  • Added cvar sv_enablebunnyhopping, defaulted to 0. ( A value of 1 autotags the server with "bunnyhop" )

    Additionally, we've made some Counter-Strike Beta only changes to simplify perf testing. These changes only exist in Counter-Strike Beta and will not affect Counter-Strike:

  • Disabled HDR
  • Disabled vsync
  • Disabled motion blur
  • Disabled stats
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